Sacuanjoche Spanish School
Are you looking for an all inclusive program during your visit to Nicaragua ? The school ” Sacuanjoche Spanish School ” offers a comprehensive program offering local tourism , 20 hours of Spanish lesson per week. In addition, it is possible to live in a Nicaraguan family to live your immersion. We speak a little English and French, do not hesitate to contact us!

Learn Spanish in the mountains of Nicaragua , hosted by the local population, you will discover its culture and lifestyle, off the beaten track and tourism.

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world . Its use is useful in many areas and this is sometimes an occupational requirement . By learning from the people of Central America, your communication will be facilitated by an easy to understand accent. If you intend to travel in Spanish-speaking countries , it may be useful to have some basics to communicate with the public . Those who are already familiar with the grammar rules will be eligible for further study to improve their language abilities , update their vocabulary and learn much more about the culture of the country visited . We encourage you to take a dip in the language by including you in the daily lives of residents.

Nicaragua is a country in Central America magical, and yet little known to tourists . The mountains of Esteli , where our school is located , have hosted the Sandinista rebellion in the 1970s , they are a mixture of mystery and wilderness. But the city of Esteli grows visibly : companies, cinemas, restaurants, all the characteristics of a modern city looking to the future . Esteli is an ideal place to learn Spanish. The people are warm and supportive , and offer visitors great hospitality. Total immersion allows accelerated and natural language learning .

Spanish School Sacuanjoche is led by an experienced teacher who uses immersion in her pedagogy , allowing students to take part in dialogue and open debate. At the same time as learning the language, discover different facets of culture and centro -American daily life. We offer flexible and accessible to all levels progress, interests and needs. All teachers are highly qualified in the light of their academic training and years of experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners.


A week in our school has a living room with a spacious room. There is WIFI connection at school if the student need contact the family in case to miss somebody in your country. or you have to make business contact. And a washing machine for your laundry . The accommodation includes 3 meals per day , coffee, water.

We provide transportation from the airport directly to as many people as you have in your group for an additional cost of about $ 120 a day or $ 140 nightly ( buses are also available directly from Managua ) .

Possible activities are:

Note: The tour to other cities outside from Estelí have Extra cost, depend the prices travels by bus, food and location in hostal if the circumstances demand.Tours in different cities in Nicaragua ( Managua, Masaya , Matagalpa , Grenada , León , San Juan Del Sur, etc. )

Visit the border with honduras:

Somoto Canyon the cost is 45 Dollar including  accessing, feed and obligatory tour guide and  security equipment to immerse into water.

Visit the pine trees artisans they made a handcrafted to support by thenself. where is pleasant to buy souvenir for help the local people to survive( only pay the bus transportation and food.

Visit To El tisey to Viewer point in Rancho Don Luis at 1350 meter over the sea level with accesing cost 25 Cordobas.

Visit The Estanzuela waterfall accessing cost is 30 Córdobas for a person.

The visit to Don Alberto Gutiérrez The famous Crazy Sculptor who spent the life working in a Rock sculpture place with accessing cost 25 Córdobas.
Visits to indigenous communities
Visit to Matagalpa, Visit to comuntary touristic center in La Garita San Ramón( accessing cost is 150 Córdobas in Orquideas, Raneario(Oji Roja, Ceniza,Camufle),Selva Negra(it has accessing cost is 150 Córdobas for a person only to walk in the pathway or 250 Córdobas for a person including little coffee and cookies or Visit Santa Emilia Waterfall  in La Dalia road( the accessing cost is 100 Córdobas.
Visit a local women’s cooperative that use recycled for the production of works of art materials
Learn how people make dishes Nicaragua, including tortillas, tamales, etc.
Salsa and traditional music lessons
The basic package includes: 20 hours of Spanish classes per week , and  local tourist attractions for $ 250 per week . Contact us to book your stay or to customize your trip!

For more information , please contact Professor Norma Morales


Norma Morales LIRA
Del Norte Del Autolote
6C . Al Este , 1c . al Sur
Barrio Primero de Mayo
Estelí , Nicaragua
Tel: (00 505) 2713 7580
Cell: 883 92979
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cultural Tour
Modesto Aguilar is a kind sculptor working marble. Visit his workshop, which is called Artes Limay , is one of several local cultural visits you will have the chance to do. You can view Modesto at work , and if you wish , buy a sculpture of your choice, accesing cost is 6 dollar for a person.

If you wish to contact:

Tel: 27132910

Mobile: 86403344


For information in english:



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  1. If you like to study Spanish in Nicaragua, I highly can recommend Norma Morales, Sacuajoche Spanish School. The educational program I have experienced in Central America with various Spanish Schools is the best, which I have found. Her program is a mix of continious study, living in her lovely home, typical high quality meals and excursions in the nearby region. The educational program is based on your level, including grammatic, speaking, writing. I lived with the family together and therefore did have continious training, example: during the meals and daily life with the family. The food is the best, I have experienced during a home stay. The meals change every day and always included freshly made fruitjuice from local fruits. I lived in a large private bedroom, incluiding my own key (good for one person or one couple). Also incluided: a private bathroom with hot water, incluiding washing machine. Furthermore: WiFi, satelite TV including french, UK & german TV channels. The excursions explain you the life and work of local families, for example potery, cafe plantations, cigar production. Furthermore all nearby national parks and nearby towns will be visited, depending of your lenght of stay. Local festivals like rodeos or horseshows will be visited as well. Voluntary work can be arranged on your desire. During my stay, I have been invited to participate all family events. Norma is also teaching at local schools and I have been invited to attend the class. I recommend a minimum stay of 2 weeks, better are 3 or more weeks. Norma will gladly arrange pickup from the Esteli bus station or arrange private transport from the airport. Traveltime from the airport is only 2 hours without any traffic hassles in the city of Managua.

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  3. de Framond Anaïs

    I will be interested to have some spanish lessons in Nicaragua in August about the 15th. What are the possibilities ?! I don’t have a huge budget.

    Thank you very much !


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